I am…Yes i am!

Right brain individual.

Right brain individuals are intuitive, creative and imaginative. They are flexible and are concerned with the bigger picture rather than details. They are impulsive and spontaneous and do not like time limits. They have difficulty explaining ideas verbally and prefer illustrations to verbal instructions. Careers: Architects, Artists, Salespeople, Psychiatrists, Musicians, Politicians, Teachers. (Interpersonal, Emotional, Musical, Spiritual, Talker.)


& also


Not only can you be majorly depressed at times, you also tend to be quite moody maybe even irritable. You can switch back in forth without giving any one any notice. Way to go you crazy person. You are too much for any one person to handle, including yourself. Why don’t you just pick a mood and go with it.

sa vad ce quiz`uri mai gasesc ca sa rad pe burta…:))


When people look into your eyes, they see pure innocence. Your eyes sparkle and you like to flaunt them, and often use them to manipulate people. You’re a kind-hearted and intellectual person that loves being loved and getting attention, but others don’t see that you can sometimes be defensive and aggressive when you don’t get your way. You’re really not as innocent as some people think!

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  1. asta-i din metempsihoza incognoscibila a ubicuitatii ludice a bursucului cu pedala “P

  2. da da.. e din.. cum zici tu=))….chiar nu te contrazic:)

  3. si iti mai poti arunca un ochi si peste ‘ ‘ niste fragmentele cu privire la constiinta colectiva la civilizatiile pre-columbinene reflectate in textele asiriene ‘ ‘ ca sa iti faci o ideie :))

  4. mda… deosebit de ciment=))

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